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Frequent Questions

- Will the Lax Dog fit in my goal?

YES! The full size LAX DOG fits in every 6x6 goal of every design. Folding goals, bownet style portable goals, welded collegiate goals, multi section metal pipe goals... . It has multiple grommet locations for the bungee frame attachment to adjust to the interior of any goal construction type. Better yet, it will fold right up with your portable goal without detaching it from the net. Just take out and collapse the two tension poles in the back and fold the goal up as normal (for most goals types) and the goal will still fit in its storage bag. The Lax Pup and Pit Block fit in all 6x6 and 4x4 goals and also pack up with folding/portable goals without detaching it from the net.

- How long does it take to install?

The Lax Dog usually takes about 8 minutes to install and only about 30 seconds to remove.

- Do I have to take the Lax Dog out for any reason?

Not really, it does not intrude on normal play and is highly weather resistant. However it will catch a lot of snow if it snows where you are. Snow weight can put some strain on the goal net and the tension poles of the device. We recommend taking your goal down or the Lax Dog out for snowy weather.

- Do I need to thread the attachment tubing through every net attachment loop?

No, every other tab is fine just as long as the ball can't escape between the net and the device. However It will give a cleaner look if you use every tab. If you think you will rarely if ever take the Lax Dog out of your goal, you may want to spend the time to lace almost every tab into the net and tubing.