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About Us

Here at Goal Sports Innovation we are obsessed with efficiency. We like to feel we think differently, outside of the box some might say. Let's' bring some innovation to sporting equipment that hasn't changed in decades if ever. Just because that's they way it's always been done or made is not a good reason to keep it that way.We have ideas that will bring better more efficient methods and products to goal sports.

Starting with the Lax Dog. To look at what it is, so simplistic, such basic materials and construction yet surprisingly functional and durable. One would think it was completely conceived of in an instant. How did the idea and benefits of balls rolling back out of the net become a  product? Like most players we have a backyard goal at our Vermont home. Our yard is mostly sloping with an small area of smooth rock that is exposed within the lawn. We started sliding our lacrosse goal to this rock spot when we mowed the grass because it made mowing easier. One day instead of moving it back to the flat grass to practice. We started shooting on the goal while it was on this smooth sloping rock, not surprisingly (in hindsight) the balls would roll back out of the goal. We quickly realized that this feature was really convenient and helped made practicing time more efficient. We didn't have to stop every few minutes to collect balls from the net! Using just 3 or 4 balls we got more practice in with less time. We thought surely someone makes a product to do this for typical goals sitting flat.

To the computer! Searching all over the internet including patent searches. There were no products and only one or two patent idea attempts that were surprisingly complex and or probably didn't well work due to design flaws that we discovered in our own product design testing. 

Our first few attempts did not work consistently well either. With a few more revisions it began to work well but was relatively cumbersome to make and required significant time to install and remove, which we knew would not be appreciated. It took a few more design revisions, trying different materials over a period of 2 years looking to simplify every aspect to get to what the Lax Dog is now. During this time we worked through the patent process to protect our ideas and future product(s). We will have other versions with additional features that should be released in the near future as well.

But we are not stopping here! We have more product ideas to develop for various sports and equipment items. Things that will simplify, work better, be easier to work with and maintain while making for better, more efficient training!  

Stay tuned.