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2 sizes, which one is right for your needs?

The full size LAX DOG can only be used in full size 6x6 goals. It ejects every ball every time. It also tends to return them 5 to 20 feet outside of the goal frame depending on the field surface and type of shot. Longer grass gets shorter returns, turf gets the longest returns and the higher the shot is in the goal the farther the return tends to be. However the full size LAX DOG generally returns balls the furthest of all the devices because of its long surface area that goes nearly to or at the front of the goal. These benefits are best suited for home goal practice and team trainings where long roll outs will be best and where the overall size and presence is not a concern. Its large surface size does allow for the largest custom graphics. It can adjust to any goal design as some goals have base frames that go straight back then angle to the center back. Others angle directly to the back center. Some base frames are pipes, some bars, some folding, portable and bownet types, it will fit them all. For for home practice use with full size goals of all types and brands, we highly recommend the full size LAX DOG. For coaches, clubs and schools, having at least one full LAX DOG is recommended for training however consider the LAX PUP for a smaller profile, good ball return functionality but excellent promotional exposure. Discounts on custom printing of 4 or more. It installs in 5 to 8 minutes and is removed in less than 60 seconds.

The LAX PUP is our mid sized and most versatile product. It's what you want for a 4x4 kids or training goal. It fills the goal and the balls always come out so the kids won't be getting them and getting hit while if other kids are shooting. Get kids practicing shooting and scooping in every drill at practice or at home. Leave it in for games and get it printed with your team or club logo for promotion and look of an organized program. It works great for 4x4 box lacrosse training too.

The LAX PUP in a 6x6 will still return balls to the field but not has far as the full size LAX DOG and some balls may stay in the goal because the smaller LAX PUP only fills 1/2 the goal leaving more space for balls to stay in. This can be helpful in some circumstances when keeping balls inside the goal is desired. However the LAX PUP is great for promotion and as a time saving ball return and pit blocking tool. Its surface size is large enough to see large promotional graphics from the sidelines while not fully encompassing the inside of the goal like a LAX DOG. Get very good utility and great promotional exposure from one product. Promote your club, school, event or paying sponsor with high profile exposure. The LAX PUP installs in about 5 minutes and comes out in about 30 seconds. Discounts on custom printing of 4 or more.